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"When I face my work, I am faced with an expansive character of my essence that for a long time went unnoticed. Sun sign Aries, ascendant Gemini. Fireand air. Combustion. All my life I always wondered if I shouldn't follow a unique style in my art. I looked at the great artists I was inspired by and was able to recognize the language patterns they used for years. Something in me wanted that, I wanted to find an artistic style that represented myself. Something that everyone would look at and know immediately that belong to me.


The truth is that I never found what I was looking for, I never found a definite style to call mine, but I found something bigger: I found myself entirely and deeply in all forms of expression that I came across. Today I realized that my identity is being mutable. It is accepting and embracing my curiosity for the diverse and my courage to change paths as many times as necessary.


When I look at my work, I no longer seek a steady look for it, I make peace with the freedom and versatility that it represents. I make art precisely so that nothing remains as it is, and there is greatness in it. The changes in the world move me along and it is urgent to put this out, so my works will never have the same face or the same rhythm.


My work changes according to the seasons because I change according to the seasons. It is like a genealogical tree of references, where each work refers to a period of time, a physical, mental or emotional space that marked my life. All these fragments of me are represented, in some way, as a leaf from the imaginary tree that feeds the pages of this book. All these references and information about the inspirations and processes behind my work are contained here.


It is a trip through the eyes of the child inside me, where anything is possible, where there are no limits to freedom of expression. Like a mirror that reflects different things depending on where you are or in what position. This allows me to devour art viscerally and intuitively. My soul is curious, hungry. I believe that this gave me the power to transform and reframe the world. My identity is the mixture of styles, the many facets of one, the escape from patterns. If it were any different, it wouldn't be me. If it wouldn't be me, it wouldn't be art.


All art is political, a commitment to the world and the moral of life."


Beto Gatti

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