Art and spirituality have a mutual agreement on the need for a deeper

understanding of the soul. The awakening – both spiritual and artistic – has on

the wakeful being, a similar impact and shares the same noble objective of

breaking the barriers raised by the ego. Is it not strange to think that when an

artist wonders about his daily battles in face of his own solitude, he is also

working on a spiritual deconstruction without even intending to? Are these two

anthropological pillars, then, intrinsically interconnected?

Spirituality is defined as the search for the meaning of life. Perhaps the

magic of art is exactly the vehicle that spirituality needs to, at the very least,

plant a seed inside someone, to convey its message. Trying to explain the

intangible of life through the aesthetic and the sensitive. When we see art as a

form of expression of the soul, this attunement becomes even clearer, as if they

could vibrate at the same frequency.


Once again, Gatti uses prominent Afro-Brazilian influences, not only to

add familiarity to the debate, but to make room for a point of view that is often

marginalized by our society. This peculiarity of art of reaching the emotional

center of one’s being is a powerful weapon not only to see ourselves beyond

the ego barrier, but also to see ourselves in others as belonging to a totality. Be

it on a social or spiritual level.

The essence of the Orixás, its human archetypes and its ancestral

teachings represented in these photographs, put us in a position of absolute

contemplation, which is instinctive and part of the eternal human being search

for a feeling of connection with something greater than himself. As the popular

saying expresses: Half of us is faith, the other is Axé. Art and spirituality; feeling

and expanding.